we have many core values at North Carolina Post Tension Concrete. we value all types of good qualities at our company, but we have five that are on top excavation point our first one is trustworthiness. Being trustworthy is a key factor in anything in life, we in value integrity over many different things. being tenacious is also our second factor. tenacious is very important when it comes to a company that is working with many different contractors and people. h He to be able to be a go-getter and get in there to be able to complete the task at hand.

Also being relational is our third core value here at North Carolina Post Tension Concrete. we know that sometimes contractors can give you the cold shoulder and not be fun to work with. We want to make sure your construction project is as smooth sailing as it can possibly be. Our fourth core value is being collaborative. We know that in order to be relational you also have to be collaborative. not everything is always going to fill into the calendar how you want to fill in. That is why we know that to have the successful operation we have to collaborate with other construction worker schedules.

our final core value at North Carolina Post Tension Concrete is having a growth mindset. a fixed mindset is not going to be a core value of any successful company. We know that being able to adapt to anything and see the light at the end of the tunnel is a key value at our company. A growth mindset can go a long ways in any industry! or workers apply this to their life on many ends of the scale.this can be used in their personal lives, education, and on the workforce.

are five core values are very important to us, without them we would not be the company we are. we will always hold onto our integrity! because if you cannot trust as we know that you will not hire us and we have to maintain a good relationship with our coworkers. we admire anybody who’s able to help us improve our core values. If you have any suggestions for our core values be sure to let us know.that is something that comes with our growth mindset, we understand that you may be leave another value would make our company better. we are open to any suggestions.

if you have any questions about our core values you can call us at 803-228-3205 I will be able to get back to you as soon as possible. we strive to provide exceptional work for any body who is needing a solid post tens post tension. we want to make sure your quality is the highest standard. if you have any questions you could also look at our website rinnovareinc.com and contact us on there. there is anything on the website that we have not listed feel free to also mention that in the contact us box. that is there to assist you in any of your needs we hope we can be of great assistance to you.

North Carolina Post Tension Concrete

quality is the standard for many reasons at North Carolina Post Tension Concrete. we understand that you will not be satisfied be satisfied with anything. We provide highest quality Post Tension Concrete slabs at our business. quality comes with our integrity at rinnovareinc.com! we know that a multifamily a multifamily home can be, and we would never allow artwork to leave any cracks in your building over time. that is why we have made sure to use post tension slabs instead of conventional methods.

conventional methods can have a negative impact on most concrete slabs, that is why we no longer use conventional methods at North Carolina post tension concrete. we know from experience I conventional methods leave cracking over time. cracking overt i C will cost you money and that is something that we want to avoid all costs.along with cracking it allows some shifting, we do know any shifting to occur on your foundation.that can also cause you to have to spend time out of your calendar later on.

at North Carolina post tension concrete we offer competitive pricing to commercially reinforce slabs. you may be considering using conventionally reinforce slabs to save money. however, that is not the case with our company. we want you to save money from cracking and shifting over time. along with that, we also want you to save money on the upfront price of our post tension slabs. we don’t want you to settle for anything less than the highest quality for your multifamily home. We know the multifamily homes can be expensive and have a lot of liability. we don’t want you to ever have to chip into your li chip into your liability insurance because there is a shifter cracking your

apartment complex it be some of the most complicated buildings to build and we want you to have a smooth sale with your foundation. We don’t want to cause you any trouble estimation point we want the process to be as simple as possible. along with apartment complexes we will also help you with your Corporation structures as well. the Corporation can be your legacy. We don’t want you to experience a nightmare of a foundation process when building the dream business. we want you to enjoy the process, and that is why we make sure to corporate core values into our slab building

to ensure the quality standard is met we have over 35 years of experience in the concrete slab field. if you are concerned about anything that we may do to your foundation you can reach out to us at 803-228-3205 and we will be sure to assist you and any of your needs. We also have lots of reviews on our website rinnovareinc.com that you can check out to see how others are saying about our amazing concrete slabs. we understand that conventional methods may have been an option for you, but we hope to be up to persuade you on a website or of the phone to consider post tension due to its quality.