At Post Tension Concrete NC Company we offer many different types of services. We offer services like ground penetrating radar, Post Tension Concrete foundations, and free consultations. We are very proud of all the services that we have to offer. However, we take more pride in the values our business holds then the services we offer. We know that in order to have us a successful business we have to be grounded and collaborative. Being collaborative is our first value, and one we all hold dear to our hearts. We also hold to being relational. We know that any successful business is going to have good relationships with their customers and with employees.

Our employees here at Post Tension Concrete NC Company also know that being trustworthy is a major player in our services provided. While we do provide services for all types of Post Tension Concrete in North Carolina we know that that would not be possible without having integrity. It would not be possible because if nobody trusted us to do their work we would not have any work. That is why we value our business integrity. We also offer pre-plans to anybody that is considering doing business with us. With our plans we also offer a growth minded outlook. We know that you may not want it done the exact way that we would do it. We want to be able to adapt to that.

Your opinion matters to us here at Post Tension Concrete NC Company. We know that certain contractors have a certain plan that they never deviate from. Nevertheless, that is them not us. We are flexible and can use our growth minded values to change in any fashion for your best interests. If you are needing ground penetrating radar done a certain way we can discuss that and see fit to be a possibility. Sometimes areas that we value are not as valuable to you. So we understand if you want a certain area checked moreover a different area.

One of the most valuable things we offer is a team driven bunch of employees that are tenacious. Being tenacious is something that allows us to function at 100% capacity here at our concrete company. Concrete may just be some chemicals and rock to some people that bonds after being in the heat for too long. However, It is not just rock and chemicals to us. It is the trade that bonded all of our employees. A trade that we hold dear to our hearts, some of us for over 35 years

We hope that our services along with her values can be something of interest to you. We know that our values are most important to us. But values without product they are just values. So we hope that our collaboration of values and products to offer can prove to be useful do your business and that we could bond together over it. You can reach us at 803-228-3205 or on our website to further discuss any concerns or questions you may have on your upcoming project.

Post Tension Concrete NC Company

If you are currently on Post Tension Concrete NC Company website right now, we encourage you to go to the contact me button. Then submit your first name , last name , phone number and your email so we can get back to you regarding regarding whatever you would like done. If you’re on our website you can check out our past projects we have listed and our customer reviews. We hope you will enjoy! We appreciate your time that you spent on our website. We know that you are most likely very busy and we thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our website and possibly submit a request .

While you are on Post Tension Concrete NC Company website you can also look at why we recommend Post Tension Concrete NC slabs. You will see by stressing cables inside of the slab the concrete is forced into its strongest state also known as compression. This will leave the concrete in its strongest state 100% of the time. This will reduce and possibly eliminate shrinkage cracks and allow the slabs and structural members to be thinner than most conventional methods. We recommend the post tension method over the conventional method because it will save you time in the long run. It will also save you money because of not having to do future crack repair in crack repairs in

Here at Post Tension Concrete NC Company we have competitive prices. Our competitive prices are second to none. We know that your budget is very important we do not want to break your bank. So we will always push to have the most competitive prices in order to give you quality at a good price. We have decided to choose post tension as well because of improve structural capacity compared to conventional reinforcement in many various situations. You can also check on our website on our satisfaction guarantee that’ll have some information on partnering with us

You can also check out our turnkey concrete packages! We also offer collaborative problem-solving and measurable client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is one of the things we value very highly, we are a very relationally driven group. It is one of our core values that we make all our employees exercise daily.

If you have any questions about our website or how to navigate it you can also reach out to us at 803-228-3205 or and we will get to you as soon as possible. Your business is our top priority and we hope we can become friends during the process. We will never abandon you on the job site and we hope that you can see those core qualities in us and our employees. if any of our employees are not exhibiting our core qualities be sure to let us know so we can take action to ensure quality service. we strive for five stars every time and hope to be able to meet your expectations as your friendly concrete company.