One of the things that makes Post Tension Concrete NC a no-brainer offer for the regular person is we offer a free first scan for ground penetrating radar. This is valued at over $1000, and can take up to four hours to complete. We offer this as a complementary gift to anybody this considering our services. We are here to serve you the customer and wish that we could win over your approval. Being a concrete company that offers such a budget Post tension foundation is a rare oddity. That is on the things we take pride; how we are affordable to the average person. Our work is not only affordable, but offers high quality work that will not leave cracks over time.

Many conventional foundation concrete slabs will crack over a few years, Post Tension Concrete NC is not that way. We are dedicated to only doing work that is post tension concrete so that we will not end up causing you have to pay for repairs after a few years. We recommend this kind of work for anybody building a multifamily home. Our type of work will use less material than all conventional methods, therefore saving you money in the long run. We want to stay within your budget to make your project as enjoyable as possible for you. We will over deliver every time without exception. Our results are proven to work and they have been tried time and time again. Our customers are astounded that we overdeliver for every job

So many workers struggle to even get the conventional job done but that is not the case at Post Tension Concrete NC. We lay our foundations with high quality work every time. We have multiple trade partners that are very proud of the foundations we are able. Some past customers have stated that we are second to none and if you are multifamily builder you should give us a call. We will push to exceed your expectations. We do not only want to have a contractor to customer relationship. We want to have a friend relationship with you and your company.

Our workers are nothing short of professionals. We have workers with over 35 years of concrete foundation experience. We never let anybody that has less than 35 years of experience be the last person to oversee the job before we turn it over to you. We strive for five stars every time. Integrity is one of our biggest core values as well, and we never want to contradict that by any type of subpar worker.

With integrity being the highest calling for our business we want you to be certain that we will do our best to ensure your concrete is the highest quality and will last for a long time period if you have any further questions you can call 803-228-3205 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or reach out to us at with any further questions or need more detail.

Post Tension Concrete NC

If you are wondering what the next step would be moving forward with Post Tension Concrete NC process wonder no longer. We are here to shed light on any areas you are confused about. We will provide a seamless experience on the construction site and off the construction site. Our company will always ensure schedule adherence and track all of our document implant changes. We will be in contact with you every step of the way to make sure that you know what is going on with your construction site. We are there for you the customer to make sure that you are receiving the type of work that you wanted.

One way to move forward with Post Tension Concrete NC is to contact one of our multiple Administrator emails listed on our website if you are having trouble getting in contact with anybody via our phone 803-228-3205. Our phones are manned most days of the week and we should be able to help you as soon as you call. However, we do recommend that if you need a more detailed response that you reach out to one of our project administrators on our website. We also have our head of business development contact on a website. we are here to ensure a smooth transition process from the ground up with your foundation. We want only the best for your company.

Another way to move forward with the process of getting your foundation built with Post Tension Concrete NC is to visit our contact page. Our contact page will allow you to put in your first and last name with the type of service you are requesting. After entering your information on our residential multifamily builder we will contact you immediately after we receive it. We are here to be your helping hand every step of the way in regards to your foundation, sometimes it can be confusing. We understand the confusion and we hope to make the learning process very simple for you. What is the next step moving forward.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always address them. Our employees will always answer questions with a kind smile, never with any type of judgment. We are here for the new contractors and for the ones that have years of experience. We work with all types of contractors and hope to be able to continue to do so. We love servicing Charlotte North Carolina and surrounding areas.

If moving forward is still confusing for you, you can just call our number 803-228-3205 and we will do our best to answer any questions or concerns you have. Our website also has a lot of valuable information on it that you can apply towards your foundation journey. We hope to do business with you and you will decide to use post tension over conventional. We hope this process will save you money over time. Hopefully you will not have to stress over any repairs with our new method.